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Communcation and valuing your input:
» My opponent has no campaign website, he doesn't mention his candidacy in his individual Facebook or LinkedIn sites, his campaign signs do not detail how to get in touch with him, and his entry on the Summit County Clerk's website has no email link nor phone number. On the other hand you can contact me via any of the above media tools (in addition to all the other advertising I am doing), in fact I have three campaign websites, my personal site links to my primary campaign site, my signs all have on them, and there is an email link and phone number on the Clerk's website. Which candidate for YOUR Summit County Auditor is going to be easier to communicate with and values your input?

» I have always self-funded my campaigns, my opponent, at least in this campaign, is also self-funding. I have considerably outspent my opponent. Who is taking their candidacy most seriously and trying to get their message out to the Summit County voter?

» I have an MBA, MA, and MPH, my opponent has an MBA.
» I am a member of The Institute of Internal Auditors, he is not.
» I have been a computer programmer for 38 years with my own successful contract computer programming business for 30 years, he has been a systems analyst and now repairs computers for small companies.
» I have programmed comprehensive accounting systems for large organizations, including the federal government, County of San Diego, large Health Care Organizations, laboratories, a brokerage firm, etc., my opponent has minimal financial experience and has never programmed such systems.
» I have federal government public trust security, my opponent has not mentioned having any security clearance.
» An auditor should be independent to be objective. I am independent as I have never taken any party, PAC, or corporate funding, I have never been appointed to any county position nor have political debts to repay. My opponent's past funding is unknown and he has been and is currently involved in several county positions which is laudable, except for being an independent auditor.
» I am self term-limiting to two terms, there is no mention of term-limiting from my opponent.
» Being your Summit County Auditor will be my full-time job, there is no indication that my opponent will give up his other business dealings, let along county appointments. He just hasn't said. How is that for communication?
» I am running as a Republican as a small, open government, increased liberty, Constitutionalist. My opponent is running as a Democrat whose leaders say, "you didn't create that" and "businesses do not create jobs", pushes the national healthcare fiasco, wants open borders with unlimited illegal immigration (who take your jobs, increase your taxes, and threaten your safety), mishandle the Ebola potential pandemic, conducted illegal "Fast and Furious", lie about Benghai, preside over a stagnant economy, insert our soldiers in untenable situations, etc.

Top priorities as County Auditor:
Opponent (I cannot find any campaign literature, thus from his answer to PR Question #6, see above)
-- Work towards efficient government, controlling costs and enhancing controls on the financial resources of this county.
Gary Shumway (from my campaign brochure, see above)
-- Smooth Transition – It is my understanding that the current Deputy Auditor is also retiring. Thus a smooth personnel transition is a top priority.
-- Chart of Accounts – Becoming familiar with the various accounts used by the County and their relationships.
-- Responsibilities – In addition to the responsibilities by statute, work with the council, administration and other county offices in how to most efficiently and cost effectively allocate other duties.
-- Auditing – Establish audit objectives and plans, process documentation, implement testing, effectively report findings, risk vs cost management, and how to fix issues found. Auditing the special districts is a top priority as they have not been audited by the County Auditor for years.
-- Open Government – Establish means of effectively communicating with the citizens and the city councils of Summit County. Be their ‘Go To’ department for unresolved questions.
-- Update Processes – Determine how best to increase department efficiency and effectiveness and implement appropriate training.
Which candidate has the more detailed, thought out priorities?

Vote Gary Shumway for Summit County Auditor...because it's YOUR money!