Update (9/30/2014)

Campaign Yard Sign

As of Tuesday (9/30), only 35 more days until election day. Where does the time go?

Last Thursday the GOP candidates met with the Summit County Republican Women's Club at their luncheon. This is the second such meeting for most of the candidates. After the meeting I tried out my new motorcycle hitch carrier which enables me to place a motorcycle on the back of our Sign Truck, drive to a location in the county, leave the truck and ride home on the motorcycle. Worked well as a carrier but the mc was awkward to get out of the carrier. Still not a perfect solution.

Friday we attended a GOP BBQ fund raiser and I had the opportunity to talk with a political strategist. Interesting ideas. Rode the Harley and it started to drizzle as I left the BBQ so that lent a sense of mystery, as in, am I going to make it down off this steep grade in Park City w/o laying the bike down? All ended well, though wet.

Saturday and Sunday were rainy. We did have meetings and went out and (re)placed more signs about the county. I continue working on the many facets of a campaign, which for obvious reason I won't detail here. My opponent's web site is still dark and parked on GoDaddy. That my friends is confidence! ;^)