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Politically I am not new to Summit County politics. You have probably seen my signs posted around the county during three of the last four election cycles and hopefully even voted for me.

Up until 2001 I had predominantly voted Republican and considered myself a Republican. But with the Republican support for the passage of the US Constitution (Bill of Rights) busting Patriot Act (view Judge Andrew Napolitano explaining the Patriot Act at I began supporting the Libertarian and Constitution Parties as an alternative to those who would not support our rights.

I have campaigned for office three of the last four election cycles on third party tickets. In 2010 I ran on the Constitution Party ticket and with the help of the Republicans I received 40 percent of the vote against Chris Robinson for Summit County Council, but obviously 40 percent is just not good enough. I was told back then that if I had run as a Republican I would you won, but who knows. With the advent of the Tea Party and elected Republicans who will stand up against those in government who would usurp our God given rights, I have decided to run this election cycle as a Republican. My principles have not changed and I remain on good terms with both the Libertarian and Constitution Parties.

Unlike what is the norm and in order to remain independent, I have always financed my own campaigns. I have never accepted a donation from a political party, quite the contrary, I have always donated to their causes. Yet I have been informed that my previous stance of not accepting individual donations may discourage those who want to be involved in politics but can only contribute financially. Thus I will not solicit nor encourage individual campaign fund donations but, if offered, I will earmark the contribution towards a specific advertising campaign so the donor will know how their contribution is being spent. I will still not accept funds from the Republican or any other political party, but will instead contribute to their coffers as before. I do this to remain independent and an unbiased candidate for YOUR Summit County Auditor.

That said, I most emphatically encourage your spirited, personal involvement in my campaign to become your next County Auditor and ask that you contact me at 801-824-4469 or via email ( or USPS (P.O. Box 761, Oakley, 84055) if you would like to assist in my campaign to become your next County Auditor.

Thank you!

P.S. I do have a 'Citizens for Shumway' PayPal account but PayPal absconded with the $100.00 that I previously (from 2010) had in the account and even though PP has reactivated the account they will not reimburse me for the money they stole. Thus I definitely do not encourage contributions to that account. But if you insist, your personal donation thereto would be graciously accepted and be used toward my Park Record advertising campaign. Please, no PAC, corporation or political party contributions, you will just cause us more work in returning same.